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Dr. Glatz is highly skilled in the performance of otological (ear) surgery, including cochlear implants and bone conduction implants, in patients of all ages.


Dr. Glatz and his team produce excellent results in the treatment of


Dr. Glatz has a fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology and treats sleep disordered breathing, and other disorders of the neck and upper airway.

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Oscar Cruz

After so many years with hearing problems she’s finally at 100% we are beyond thankful to GOD for putting Dr. Glatz in our path!! We are so happy with today’s news

Melissa Hernandez

He is a wonderful doctor, very knowledgeable and he takes his time to explain any kind of concerns you might have. He has an awesome bedside manner, and he has a good heart..I highly recommend this Doc..


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Balloon sinuplasty is a life changing and minimally invasive treatment option that can be performed by Dr. Glatz in the convenience of his office. Balloon sinuplasty technology is used to treat chronic or recurrent sinusitis, facial pain and pressure, and nasal obstruction. Balloon sinuplasty is an effective and lasting option for patients whose symptoms do not resolve with medication. Once Dr. Glatz carefully determines you are a balloon sinuplasty candidate, he will offer you a customized treatment plan that will consider your health needs. The primary objective of balloon sinuplasty is to reshape the anatomy of your nasal cavity, to expand sinus pathways, restore airflow, and allow for proper drainage. The procedure can be office based, does not require general anesthesia, and patients resume normal activity within 24 hours. Call today for a consultation – you’ll be Glatz you did! (956) 631-2957

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